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About me.

Aranka Matolcsy

I am a web designer, writer, photographer and nonprofit consultant from western Maine. I have been a professional writer and designer since 1991. Over the past 14 years, I have broadened my scope to include nonprofit executive management, strategic planning, grant writing and collaborative ventures.


What I love best is to help businesses define or redefine their brand and tell their story through their web site and social media presence.


I'm kind of a one-stop-shop! I can design your website, research and write content and even shoot the photos. Or I can help you establish your 501(c) 3 nonprofit or help your existing organization reach its potential.

Marketing Consulting

●    Graphic Design - Helping you make your statement in print like media ads, posters, business cards, rack cards, place mats, signs, online banners, Facebook ads, etc.

●    Branding -  Getting your face ready for the world with logo design, font design, color schemes, trend and competitor research.

●    Web Design - Setting up your online presence with design and management, including eCommerce (online stores) , SEO, social media, blogs, chat features and more.

●    Social Media - Setting up and managing your social media pages and groups.

●    Content   - Building a foundation for your growth with research and writing of content for all your print and online media needs including  Associated Press-style press releases, manuals, tutorials, product-specific information, guidelines, Q&A content, etc.

501(c)3 Nonprofit Consulting

●    Finding Your Vision - Helping you create or fine tune your mission.

●    Becoming a Nonprofit - Guiding you through analysis of assets, needs and wants to assess viability of incorporating, assistance with obtaining and filing the necessary documents to establish a 501(c)3 with a specific mission.

●    Governance and Constitution  -  Setting the stage for guidance of the organization, updating or modification of organizational governance, constitution and board member responsibilities.

●    Strategic Planning - Drawing a map for the future from facilitated visioning sessions to detailed planning outlining your annual needs, goals and evaluation timeline, and methods on how to achieve your goals.

●    Optimizing Fundraising - Helping you get a better bang for your buck through analysis of current or needed fundraising strategies to increase returns and donor/sponsor response.

●    Collaboration Facilitation - Supporting and guiding you on how to engage in collaborative planning, programs or operations with other groups or organizations.


What I can do for your business:

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